Automated Faculty Evaluation System

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Automated teacher evaluation system can rate their faculty on basis of questions provided by administration and also student can give their comment and feedback to that particular faculty. In admin side admin can add or delete faculty and student. Admin can add the list of questions to decide the performance of faculty. Admin also give rating to the faculty according to the question list and performance. Faculty can view their result based on student, co-teachers and admin rating. Faculty can view any comment or feedback given by their students.
Faculty can give rating to the co-teacher’s based on question provided by administration.
Teaching performance evaluation is a necessary step in ensuring good instruction. Traditionally teaching performance evaluation is used as a tool to apprise faculty on how they are doing their job. Performance is defined as a set of outcomes produce during a certain period of time, and does not refer to the traits, personal characteristics or competencies of the performer.

Faculty’s evaluation is widely understood to the most effective tool to improve the quality of instruction in colleges. Timely and accurate information is useful in virtually every stage of the decision-making process. Problem are identified when information reveals that some aspect of performance can be place in the hands of decision makers.

  • This project is very simple and user friendly.
  • User can easily access this system.
  • User can directly connect to the faculty.
  • Active internet connection required.
  • If data is invalid, then outcome should be wrong.

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