The Legal Group – Freelance Attorney Group System

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Legal Group is a world wide network of experienced freelance/contract lawyers, who are all examined and carefully selected with checking their educational and personal information documents out of thousands of applicants by admin.
This project helps to registered user to find out the appropriate lawyer for their case and send their request to that lawyer for solution. Approved Lawyers also able to see the various cases available and can show their interest for fighting case by sending request to that User. Registered user can add different cases with details. Lawyer can able to see the personal details of user once user accepted the lawyer request. Admin manages both lawyer details as well as user details. Online payment option available to user once the case is finaliased.

There are three entities can access the system i.e. admin, lawyer and user.

  • Admin manages the whole system by performing task such as approve newly registered lawyer, view cases added by the registered users and also view registered users details as well as edit or delete the user.
  • User need to register with the basic registration details and need to create a valid login id and password in order to login into their account.
  • After successful login, user can add new case by filling up the details.
  • User can also search for a lawyer where all the details of the lawyer will be mentioned and with the help of details, a user can request a lawyer to fight his/her case.
  • Lawyers can access their account after admin had reviewed and approved their registration.
  • Lawyers can view and study the cases submitted by the user’s and also can request user to fight their case. They can also accept the case request received from a user.
  • Similarly, users can view request from the lawyer who wants to fight the case and accept or reject the request.
  • Both lawyer and user can send feedback to admin my mentioning the working of system or by raising an issue.
  • Admin can view feedback received from the registered users and lawyers.

  • User can easily connect with the lawyer with lesser effort and time.
  • System is very convenient, efficient and feasible.
  • Requesting a lawyer of their choice at just one click.
  • User and Lawyer can easily search and communicate with each other.
  • System may provide inaccurate results if data not entered correctly.

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