Higher Education Access Prediction Software

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This system helps students to perform for the admission test online and provides college list according to the marks. System main objective is to offer a quick and easy way to appear the exam and it also provides result immediately after the exam. Multiple choice examination is conducted to provide special advantages to the students that can’t be found anywhere else. This software application is built to check objective answers in an online examination and allocate marks to the user after verifying the answer.

System works as follows:

  • Original answer is stored in database by the admin.
  • The admin has authority to add questions and options.
  • User can select correct options based on the question
  • Marks is allocated based on the answers provided by user
  • Answers are verified by in built Artificial Intelligence.
  • College list is provided to the student based on marks
  • Student can give their feedback

  • The system calculates the score and provides results instantly.
  • It removes human errors that commonly occur during manual checking.
  • The system provides an unbiased result.
  • Thus, the system excludes human efforts and saves time and resources.
  • Reduce the time and cost
  • Paper less examination
  • Answers are verified immediately
  • Accurate results.
  • The system must be given proper inputs otherwise system can produce wrong results.
  • Requires an active internet connection.

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