Android Vehicle Toll Payment Using 2 Factor Authentication

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Roads play an important role when it comes to Vehicles and Best Roads have Tolls to maintain such roads, so in order to drop the Toll Congestions and traffic; tolls are equipped with many such technologies which can cut down the queue and help the regular passers a better experience. One of the Technology that we have applied in this project is NFC. There are 3 users here; one is the admin responsible to add the Toll and corresponding Handlers, second is the toll Handler person and third is the user with the car. Here the NFC tags or cards are assigned to the users and each user will have a single card irrespective to the number of vehicles he want to attach to it. Here tags or cards can be easily robbed or lost so in order to prevent that the user has to enter 5 thumb impressions while registering to the toll system. The user has to show his card and verify his thumb impression to pass the toll. The system also has a wallet system and the user need to worry to carry cash or worry about change!

  • Fewer or shorter queues of vehicles at toll plazas by increasing toll plaza service turnaround rates.
  • Fast and more efficient service.
  • Ability to make payments by keeping a balance on the card itself.
  • Other general advantages include minimization of fuel wastage and reduced emissions by reducing deceleration rate, waiting time of vehicles in queue, and acceleration.
  • Better management by centralized user account
  • Active internet connection required
  • May provide incorrect results if data not entered correctly.

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