Personal Health Tracker iOS Application

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Health is the most important thing in our life, and keeping a track of health leads to a good healthy life. For that reason, we came up with an iOS application named Personal Health Tracker. This tracker application will help you to track your heart rate, blood pressure, Blood sugar level. This tracking application will notify once the level is above or below the mentioned limit. It will also help you to track your weight, height, stamina, strength weekly to help you monitor your health. It will allow you to track your personal health by various viewpoints, i.e. graphically. Keeping a track with iOS Personal Tracking system comes handy to handle such a difficult task.

  • Tracks Heart Rate
  • Tracks Blood Pressure
  • Tracks Blood sugar level
  • Notification on exceeding limit
  • Graphical or Pie chart representation of tracking
  • Does not support advanced health tracking

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