Personal Book iOS Application

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A Personal Book iOS application is a software developed to write notes, save information, edit notes or stories and easy to carry any type of writing with you. This application reduces the weight of carrying a personal book or dairy on a day to day basis. You can also modify the previous saved notes with the edit option provided in the iOS application and you can keep modifying your text as per your conveniences. It helps you to save the document by the page name. It also helps to save images with the notes you make. It will be secured with a user id and password, so the document you will write and save in this personal book will be secured and you enter the desired page by entering the page name.

  • Write notes
  • Editable story writing
  • Saving by page name
  • Retrieve by page name
  • Notes saved with images
  • Secure login
  • Can not export books in all desired formats
  • Image positioning and advanced formatting not supported

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