iOS Periodic Bell & Timetable Reminder Application

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In school or colleges, a bell rings in the entire campus to notify the start and end of period/lecture. Due to the high intensity of the ring, the surrounding premises get disturbed. To avoid such disturbances for students and faculty, we introduce Period Bell iOS application. This application is an iOS application for every staff/management on the campus which will notify the professors about ending the period and starting of another with the details of the next class. This application allows you to save the time table, edit the timetable, mark holidays, off lectures and saves notes for a particular period. It sets a reminder 2 minutes before the current session ending. This allows for a personalized period reminder as well as specific reminders that are set by professor/lectures including notes or assignments to be submitted in next lectures etc.

  • Saves manual handling of time table
  • Alarm at the end of the lectures
  • Add or Edit time tables
  • Adding holidays, or off lectures
  • Need iOS application

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