iOS Task Alerting Application

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In a day to day life everyone has a schedule to maintain and it difficult to remember every meeting or the minute task of a particular day. As we saw this need, we propose to build this iOS Task alerting application. This application aims to remind any person about their pending tasks and follow up on that in coming days. It is a very easy to use and a very handy application which can be used daily by any person. Task Alerting application allows the user to feed in the inputs of his schedule according to the date and time of the task and creates a notification. The user can add, edit, delete reminders, change change date and time as well as reschedule reminders if not accomplished. The application notifies about the task by displaying it on the screen, according to the time. After the task is completed, the application ticks it to show it is completed.

  • Enters task with date and time
  • Maintain schedule
  • Alert on specified time
  • Notification on screen
  • Ticks task when completed
  • Task data cannot be exported to other phone

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