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Nevon Online Fashion Stylist Website python
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The after-effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have compelled everyone to take their businesses online. People no longer prefer visiting a market or mall for shopping, rather they prefer searching or browsing online through the internet for shopping new arrivals & accessories. This also helps them save their time & effort.

The Online fashion shopping website project proposed here will automate the process of online shopping for the users by providing a customer-friendly experience. This system will connect the users & the fashion stylists. The users can view the stylists’ profiles. The users can view the available stylists and can request for chat. Based on the inputs received from the user, the stylist will recommend products and accessories that will suit the user’s interest & personality. Both the users & stylists can access the system by registering themselves on the website.

This project is completely based on current fashion trend and styling. This website provides client with their customized product according to their style and personality. These days getting a product is lot more easily than styling it and presenting to the outer world in trendy way so, our website brings all such conditions under one roof and brings the best out of people. This will be a huge benefit to all the busy personalities out there in their styling. This system comprises of chat box so that users can chat with stylish so that user can describe exact requirements of the attire the user need


  • The system automates the manual procedure of online shopping activities and designing attire.
  • The system is convenient and flexible to be used.
  • It saves their time, efforts, money and resources.


  • Requires large database
  • Internet Connection is mandatory
  • The android mobile user will not be able to insert or view details if the server goes down. Thus, there is disadvantage of single point failure.

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