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Plagiarism is defined as to take or theft some work and present it has one’s own work. This grammar and plagiarism checker system is used to analyze the plagiarism data. Plagiarism affects the education quality of the students and thereby reduce the economic status of the country. Plagiarism is done by paraphrased works and the similarities between keywords and verbatim overlaps, change of sentences from one form to other form, which could be identified using WordNet etc. This plagiarism detector measures the similar text that matches and detects plagiarism. Internet has changed the student’s life and also has changed their learning style. It allows the students to get deeper in the approach towards learning and making their task easier. Many methods are employed in detecting plagiarism. Usually plagiarism detection is done using text mining method. In this plagiarism checker software, user can register with their basic registration details and create a valid login id and password. By using login id and password, students can login into their personal accounts. After that students can upload assignment file, which will further divide into content and reference link. This web application will process the content, visit each reference link, and scan the content of that webpage to match the original content. Also, students can view the history of their previous documents. Students can also check the grammar mistakes on the content.

  • The system designed to detect similarity among text documents calculates content similarity among specified documents.
  • Checking for code also, that is structure-oriented detection.
  • Implements WordNet, this will detect synonyms as well.
  • Applying efficient string-matching algorithm, which will further reduce the time and increase the efficiency.
  • This system is simple and easy to access.
  • System will give accurate results based on the content provided.
  • This system will generate results in very less time.
  • Active internet connection required.
  • If user uploads an incorrect document, then the result won’t be accurate.

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