Online Applicant Tracking System and Talent Lookup Portal

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Finding a job that suits one’s interest and skill set is quite a challenging task for the job seekers. This system can help the job seekers to find their desire jobs by just sitting at home. This online Applicant Tracking system software can connect employer with jobseeker, here employer can find the right candidate with desired qualifications and job seeker can get a source to find their desire job. This online Applicant Tracking system makes recruitment process convenient on both sides. Job Portal is the solution where recruiter as well as the job seeker meet aiming at fulfilling their individual requirements. In this online Applicant Tracking system there are two modules namely HR and Candidate, HR can login into the portal and can check the resume uploaded by candidates. HR can save or sort the resume of the candidates. HR has the authority to manage jobs and also to check the candidate’s profile. All the interested candidates are expected to register into the portal. And with the help of login id and password they can log in. They can check and apply for their desire job, and also can upload resumes and can maintain their profile with updating personal and professional information.

  • Time consuming.
  • Cost efficiency.
  • Easy to find applicants.
  • Easy to find job.
  • Increase in competitions.
  • Needs active internet connection.

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