Android Smart Sticky Notes Application Project

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In a busy schedule, we tend to forget many important things easily, and to remember these things we need to note down things in a piece of paper. In such busy schedules people need some personal assistant or a reminder to remind them about the important work that needs to be done. This android application will help them to remind, to do such important things. These sticky notes android application can help us to note the daily task which needs to be done. Important meetings, events etc. can be recorded with great ease through the use of this application. This application will allow the users to organize the data in a simpler and easy way. In this application users can view all the Notes, likewise also can manage old and new notes. User can also change the colour of the sticky notes. User can grant permission for floating notes. Only 3 notes can be floated and which can be further expanded and collapsed. These sticky notes can also be edited and deleted.

  • You will never forget the important meetings or tasks.
  • You can also set a colour to the sticky note.
  • You can add ideas, important things at any time.
  • Only Android mobile users can use this application

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