MLM Project

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A multilevel marketing project is a system that allows companies to make and implement their MLM strategies for education tutorials online. Users may first register on website. As soon as a new member registers he needs to pay a fee. On paying fees he becomes a member and can view online education tutorials and download educational e-books and he may now refer other members. When these members register on website for form filling they can select the person who referred them. So these people are registered under their referrer. This can be done for various levels. User sees the users registered under him when he logs in. When a user is registered under him he gets 20 % of his registration fees. The referral fees decreases by levels. There are four referral levels and with every level the percentage of reference discount decreases.

  • Companies don’t have to hire a full time salesperson for their product promotion.
  • The system helps companies to save money and resources spent on advertising.
  • Customers are more willing to buy the product from a friend thus helps company to get loyal customers.
  • This strategy can help company to reach out to a lot of customers.
  • Referrals have to invest their money first and sometimes the referred persons may not wish to buy the product.
  • Companies get their income from newcomers; hence there are no actual sales.
  • The strategy can produce tentative results.

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