Look Based Media Player

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Usually when you are watching a video and someone calls you, you have to look somewhere else or go away from pc for some time so you miss some part of the video. Later you need to drag back the video from where you saw it. Well here is a solution to this problem. A look based media player that pauses itself when user is not looking at it. The player starts running again as soon as the user looks at it again. This is done using the camera or webcam on top of the computer. As long as the camera detects the users face looking at it, the media is played. The player pauses as soon as users face is not completely seen. The look based media player does not allow user to miss a single part of the media user is watching. The system user camera to sense if user is looking at it, the system pauses the media being played as soon as it detects user is not looking at it.

  • Users cannot miss any part of the video.
  • The video stops as user changes their view from the video thereby no need of users to keep on dragging back to the point from where they missed.
  • You can also forward and backward the video if required.
  • It saves time and electricity.
  • It gives accurate result.
  • The only disadvantage of the software is that you cannot pause manually.

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