Bus Seat Booking System

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A unique and easy to use Bus Seat Booking System for booking desired bus seats online. The system allows users to register and as soon as they register an account with unique id is created in the system. User may book tickets for bus destinations and fare is calculated according to destination distance. This balance is later deducted from user account. User may later recharge his account through the admin. System allows users to book desired seats on the bus through a user friendly GUI and allows them to maintain an online account for payment.

  • Sometimes it happens that the seats get booked soon when one visits the bus seat therefore user can make advance booking using this system.
  • It saves user time in search of show and seats available.
  • The system generates online bill for requested show.
  • Users can even cancel the booking which is an added advantage of the system.
  • It saves organization resources, efforts and expenses.
  • The booking process usually requires a customer identity which the system cannot detect.
  • It requires internet connection.

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