Auditorium Management Software Project

This system is an auditorium management software projects. It includes all the features and functions needed to efficiently manage an auditorium. It includes an administrator account which is used to handle/control all the system functionality. The system keeps track of auditorium status and advance bookings. The system keeps records of auditorium bookings along with associated event details and customer contacts in a well maintained database. The administrator can easily check the auditorium bookings and timings in the system gui. The system also allows notifies when a new event timing draws near.

Features of the system:

  • Admin login and admin dashboard: It has admin login who is has the authority of the system and he is responsible for approving and disapproving the users request for auditorium booking. Admin can add and delete notifications and updates in the system.
  • User Registration: There is user registration form available where new users can create their account by providing required information to the system.
  • Booking System: User can request for the booking for a particular date. Subsequently the system will generate the total cost incurred for the expected days.
  • Approving/Disapproving Request: The booking requests are directly sent to admin account by the system. Admin can view all the requests along with respective user details and therefore make decisions for approving or disapproving the requests.
  • Email Notification: The system will inform the respective customers through an email about their status of booking request whether approved or disapproved. Also it mails user their respective receipts.

  • The system is useful as it calculates an exact cost for requested number of days.
  • It is convenient for user as he do not have to actually visit the place.
  • This system is effective and saves time and cost of the users.
  • Easy registration.

  • It reduces employment as the human efforts are being automated by this system.

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