Fake Product Review Monitoring & Removal For Genuine Ratings Php

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As most of the people require review about a product before spending their money on the product. So people come across various reviews in the website but these reviews are genuine or fake is not identified by the user. In some review websites some good reviews are added by the product company people itself in order to make in order to produce false positive product reviews. They give good reviews for many different products manufactured by their own firm. User will not be able to find out whether the review is genuine or fake. To find out fake review in the website this “Fake Product Review Monitoring and Removal for Genuine Online Product Reviews Using Opinion Mining” system is introduced. This system will find out fake reviews made by posting fake comments about a product by identifying the IP address along with review posting patterns. User will login to the system using his user id and password and will view various products and will give review about the product. To find out the review is fake or genuine, system will find out the IP address of the user if the system observe fake review send by the same IP Address many a times it will inform the admin to remove that review from the system. This system uses data mining methodology. This system helps the user to find out correct review of the product.

System works as follows:-
  • Admin will add products to the system.
  • Admin will delete the review which is fake.
  • User once access the system, user can view product and can post review about the product.
  • System will track the IP address of the user.
  • If the system observes fake review coming from same IP address many a times this IP address will be tracked by the system and will inform the admin to remove this review from the system.

  • User gets genuine reviews about the product.
  • User can post their own review about the product.
  • User can spend money on valuable products.
  • If the social media optimization team uses different IP address to send the review, system will fail to track the fake review.

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