Face Detection Using Mobile Vision API

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This System is an innovative Application allowing the System to detect faces using the phones Camera. This system makes use of the Mobile Vision API by Google. The System basically works as follows; the user should take the phone over any picture or anywhere with people, the system using the Mobile Vision detects faces with few attributes such as Happiness, left and right eye in percentage. The User can save all the faces as jpg or png. The System doesn’t act as face verification or recognition but allows the user to roll over any picture or any place with people thus enabling the system to detect faces and save them as per user convenience. The user can name each face and can save in the database as well. There a list of photos saved in the database as well for the user to checkout which is saved as Base 64.

  • The System minimizes your work of any picture to crop.
  • The Accuracy rate of this system is amazing as it uses the Mobile Vision API.
  • Along with the face the system also tells u how much the face is smiling in percentage
  • The System also tells the user about how much the eyes are opened both separately in percentage
  • It uses only camera shots, cannot tag pictures those are already present in the phone.
  • Doesn’t act as a face recognition system.

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