Watermark Images Using Discrete Cosine Transform

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Here we proposed a system where you can hide message image into RGB image. Here we used digital watermarking for embedding. Digital watermarking is a technology for embedding various types of information in digital content. A digital watermark is digital signal or pattern inserted into digital content. We had used Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) for lossy compression of images. Watermarking technique has recently developed for image watermarking and it can be used to embed the information into image and can be efficiently extract back the information. In this system we will hide black and white image under RGB Image and extracts back the black and white image from RGB image. To apply watermarking we must resize the image for further processing. Watermark value will be replaced in block. Finally, system will output original image after removing watermark from image.

  • User can upload image with any image format
  • Provides accurate result
  • Works only on good quality images
  • There is no secret key concept in this methodology

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