Face Authentication App using Microsoft’s Cognitive Service

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Facial recognition technology is having an impactful and positive effect on organizations and society. The use cases of facial recognition are reaching far ends. Facial recognition applications are currently being used to safeguard personal information from cyber-attacks, minimize false arrests and even to diagnose patients with genetic conditions. In this application, face authentication app will use camera to detect facial features and these features are stored in a database. This application uses Face API or Face Group Verification API of Microsoft’s Cognitive Service and Firebase Realtime Database. The Group Verification API of Microsoft’s Cognitive Service provides algorithms that are used for detecting, recognizing, and analysing human facial features. The Firebase Realtime Database allows secure access to the database directly from the client-side. In this android application, there are two modules namely, Add Facial features and Recognize Faces. In add faces, users can add facial features which are detected using camera and stored in database for authentication purposes and after adding, they can use facial recognition for various authentication.

  • It grants a quick and efficient verification of a person.
  • It does not require spending additional money on its integration.
  • Facial recognition can be used as a security tool for locking personal devices.
  • Facial recognition can help identify terrorists or any other criminals with the help of the face.
  • It requires internet connection.
  • Data should be properly saved into a database.

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