Removal of Background from Image using MATLAB

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Background image is a fundamental logic for detecting moving objects from the difference between the current frame and a reference frame. For separating out foreground elements from the background done by generating a foreground mask is a technique called background subtraction. To detect moving objects from static and dynamic cameras, we widely approach Background subtraction. Background extraction is also known as Foreground detection. This foreground detection is a technique in the fields of image processing and computer vision where an image foreground is extracted for further processing. The foreground object boundaries extraction reduces the amount of data to be processed and also provides important information about the object. If a car is going on the road, the car forms the foreground object and the road is considered as the background. This removal of background image project reads a cluster of images and takes out the background from a series of same images by removing actions.

  • This system has applications in computer vision.
  • This system can be used for surveillance tracking or human poses estimation.
  • This system requires active internet connection

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