Email Client Project

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A software project comprising of a strongly built email client that allows users to send emails to any email address and at the same time allows to receive emails too.

  • The email client uses SMTP and POP3 services to send and receive emails.
  • Our software system allows users to compose emails as per user requirements along with title destination email and the message body.
  • The email client composes of an inbox as well as spam folder for receiving emails.
  • Emails consisting of content as per predefined rules(not overly populated with images and links) are saved in email inbox.
  • Emails containing images or links above a certain limit are saved in the spam folder.
  • Thus the emailing system provides a secure and advanced pop3/SMTP based client application.
  • The system provides a robust understanding of an email client and allows for efficient sending and receiving of emails.

  • The system is developed having high robustness and security.
  • The system prevents the unsolicited bulk messages by putting it into spam folder and the appropriate ones in inbox folder.
  • It also provides clients identity protection.
  • The system prevents unauthorized access of clients email through illicit means.
  • Prevents hacking.
  • Sometimes the system can consider the unsolicited emails valid and can put it in inbox instead of putting in spam folder.

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