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A computer parts assembly website project where a user may select various computer parts online and the parts or pc assembled as per specified parts will be delivered to the users address.
The computer assembly website project allows users to select from a list of computer parts of various companies and models.
The project works as follows:

  • User is allowed to login to the website.
  • The user needs to create a new account if he/she is not registered.
  • The user can then see various links saying Hard disk, motherboard, mouse, speaker etc.
  • Once the user clicks on motherboard link, the motherboard selection page is opened.
  • Here the user may view a list of motherboards of various companies, make and models.
  • User is allowed to select any product needed and add it to his/her shopping cart.
  • The user may then visit any other page(mouse selection, ram selection etc) and shop for those products too.
  • Our website allows user to add these products to their shopping cart as needed.
  • At the end when user finishes shopping a bill is generated containing various products in the users shopping cart.
  • Thus the computer assembly website project allows for a robust computer parts shopping and assembly functionality.

  • User can view details of the parts without going anywhere.
  • It is convenient for users as this system provides accurate cost and description of the system.
  • The website is flexible to be used and for e-shopping.
  • User can view different categories of product of different brands at a single place.
  • The products are delivered to the customer in his/her house so this becomes more convenient for them.
  • The system calculates bill instantly and user can pay online.
  • Hence the system saves time, efforts and cost.
  • The user cannot view the product in person.
  • There is no human interaction.
  • There can be fraud and security problems.

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