The Online Auction System

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An online auction project that holds online auctions of various products on a website and serves sellers and bidders accordingly.

The system is designed to allow users to set up their products for auctions and bidders to register and bid for various products available for bidding.
Online Auction or the E auction system project consists of the following parts:

  • Bidder Login: Here the buyer or the product bidder can see a list of products up for bidding and place his/her bid on the product.
  • Seller Login: This is the seller module where the seller posts a product up for auctions.
  • Admin Login: This module is for the administrator who may delete fake or unwanted ads.
  • Report generation: Admin gets a report whenever wanted stating various products up for bidding and various users registered on the website.
  • SMS notification: Auction winners and losers get an sms notification whether they won or lost the bid.

  • No noisy crowds like conventional system where users have to sit and bid.
  • Excludes general frustration that usually happens while bidding in conventional system.
  • No schedule constraint that means bidder can bid any time and from anywhere.
  • The bidding process can be conducted on a global scale.
  • The user cannot view the item in person.

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