Pharma Expert System

Artificial intelligence techniques have been utilized to create an Expert System for the Indian Pharmaceutical drugs. The Pharma Expert System has been developed with user interaction, session, system interaction session, tutorial interaction sessions. The system is designed in such a way that it will understand whether it is a name of the Drug, Product, name of the Company, Contact person, e-mail address, URL address etc, and will interact with the user accordingly. The system has a facility to answer the users, unanswered queries at a later date by the Expert Editor. This Pharma Expert System may be utilized by the Physicians, Pharmacists, Researchers, Students and faculty members of pharmacy and R and D of Pharma Industry.

Artificial intelligence is attempting to create machines that can replace physical as well as mental power and intelligence of human beings. The Al techniques helped the computers to perform intelligent tasks such as diagnosis of disease in medical science solve differential equations in symbolic forms in mathematics, automatic translation in Linguistics, decision making in management, analyze and design electronic circuits in Electronics etc. The Al technique includes Natural Language Processing, intelligence Retrieval from database and Expert consulting system. An expert system is a computer program that represents and reasons with knowledge of some particular subject with a view to solving problems or giving advice.

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