E-Learning System

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In this new era of electronics, we know the concept of e-learning which does not include the use of paper and pen. There are many advantages of e-learning system. In this e-learning system we can assign projects to students and can share documents and more easily. This system has three modules including student, faculties and Admin. Students can login, they have access to main menu, calendar, projects, documentation, to upload, view the things uploaded by the faculties, knowledge books, also send messages to faculties. Faculties can login and have access for viewing, uploading documents and projects. Admin can login and manage the faculties and student details and also view projects. This is how the new concept of e-learning came into existence, which is an easier and smarter system for colleges.

  • It is smart learning application
  • Avoiding paper use
  • Time consuming
  • No self-discipline.
  • No face-to-face interaction
  • Lack of flexibility.

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