Student Performance Analysis System with Graph & Academic Project Management

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This student performance analysis system provides an easy way to students in searching the details of projects, academic attendance report and marks/percentage details the with graph. Students can search the projects with project title or using guide name or with the academic year. All the details of the projects and details of student’s attendance and marks are added by the Teachers and HODs. It has 3 Modules namely Student, Teacher and HOD. Students are asked to register and then login, fills the academic details, view projects, view attendance, marks in graph-based format, events and notice. Teachers can login, approve students, Add Students marks, Upload attendance, add Project details, view assigned events and notice. HOD can login, manage teachers report, events, they can view attendance and academic details and manage notice. Basically, this system can help to maintain and manage the records of students, teachers, events of college, projects, attendance and more.

  • It helps in maintaining students’ records
  • It helps teacher to get their assigned work
  • Easy way of displaying notice.
  • It uses internet connection.

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