Graphical Password Authentication System using Intuitive Approach

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In this modern age of increasing interconnectivity, information security has come to occupy a pivotal position in recent research works. Traditional methods of authentication have been text-based password schemes. However, the major drawback with them, has been the fact that their strength varies inversely with user convenience. Users generally tend to select passwords that are easier to recall and shorter in length. This, gives rise to password cracking attempts. A graphical password is a confirmation framework that works by having the client selected pictures, in a particular order. Graphical passwords authentication system has inherent advantages over conventional textual password schemes. In this system there are 3 authentication levels after registering the basic information, User login’s and after implementing id password system ask to authenticate in 3 different levels.

  • Easy to remember and hard to guess for others.
  • Here the security of the system is very high.
  • Graphical password can be easily recorded as these schemes take a long time

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