Data Protection Using Hand Gesture Recognition

In this project, a sequence of gestures are used to decrypt a encrypted file based on technique called image processing using Gabor wavelets is proposed. We have proposed to use the Gabor wavelet and Radon transform together to derive hand pattern features and edge detection which covers the information in different directions. Now in image matching phase the image stored in the database is compared with the detected one sequentially till it matches a sequence in the database comparison is done by matching the features of the detected pattern with existing ones.

Points of interest

1. Users can execute the lock utilizing any number of gestures from the database of accessible gestures. Indeed, redundancies are permitted.

2. Because of encryption, information is secured from harm and robbery.

3. Convenient in cutting edge age frameworks since the vast majority of them come without divide include units like consoles.

4. Since Matlab is essentially platform independent all working frameworks can utilize the programming without much further progressions

5. Obtaining hardware:

Disconnected from the net: pervasive (pen and paper).

On-line: inexpensive and recently coordinated in a few gadgets (Tablet Pc).


 protection of particular files like money related explanations in banks, examination papers in universities.

 running fundamental errands of a working framework by teaming up bunch files with Matlab order files.

 secure record exchange crosswise over platforms exploiting platform independency.

 running executable files of projects from a library.

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