Customized AES using Pad and Chaff Technique And Diffie Hellman Key Exchange

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Computer Systems offer great flexibility and improved productivity for users. However, they can also create added risk and potential targets for data loss. Considering the risk factors with data stored in database, developing a windows application with data encryption mechanism will avoid misuse of user’s data. Also to avoid data replication into database which will be efficient and will give effective results. The window application will keep the mobile phone data secured in encrypted form. User need to encrypt all the data such as medical and insurance and then no need to worry about stored data getting hacked.
System allows admin to add the medical as well as insurance data of a person. After adding the similar data of medical and insurance, the system will allow to merge the data which will be stored into separate database. The merged data in the separate database will be stored in encrypted format i.e. Cipher Text. Admin can also decrypt the data which were encrypted. Also can view all the added data of medical as well as insurance. As, the project files and a database file will be stored into the Azure cloud, the project will be accessed in the web browser through Azure link.

  • Encrypted data that can only be read by a system or user who has the key to unencrypted the data, the system or user is authorized to read the data.
  • Encrypted data cannot be accessed by third parties, who only see random strings of bits.
  • The method will enhance the ability to create high-quality integrated data sets while still keeping personally identifying data private.
  • The data is secured as it uses encryption algorithm.
  • Dependency of data from two tables i.e. the similar data should be present in both the tables.
  • May provide inaccurate results if the data not entered correctly.
  • Requires an active internet connection to connect with cloud server.

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