Cloud Based Student Information Chatbot Project

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Cloud based student information Chatbot system is an artificial algorithm that analyzes the student’s queries and messages. This system has a built artificial intelligence to answer the query of the student. The answers are appropriate to the user’s queries, if the user find his answer to be invalid, he may select the invalid answer option button which will notify the admin. Admin can view invalid through portal via login. System allows admin to delete the invalid answer or to add a specific answer of that equivalent question. To answer to the student query, the Chatbot system retrieves the answer from the database which is stored in the cloud. The Chatbot system uses a specific keyword to retrieve the answers from the database. There is no format for the student to follow while asking any question in the Chatbot. The students can put up any query related to college activities through the system. This system replies to the user with Graphical user interface which implies that as if a real person is talking to the student. The system helps the student not only to get their queries answered but also to be updated with the college activities.

  • Students does not have to go personally to college office for the enquiry.
  • This application enables the students to be updated with college cultural activities.
  • This application saves time for the student as well as teaching and non-teaching staffs.
  • Requires internet connection to upload the data.

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