Detecting Data Leaks via Sql Injection Prevention on an E-Commerce

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The objective of this project is to prevent SQL injection while firing queries to database and to make the database secured. This system is online so no need of implementation. It can be accessed through internet from anywhere. The system uses SQL Injection mechanism prevention to keep the data safe and secure from sql injection attacks.
The highlighted part here is encryption of card data using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) technique. The Online Shop secures the card payment and won’t let the card data to get hacked. While user doing a card payment, all the card data is encrypted and then stored into database. System also keeps user details in an encryption form using AES encryption. The system is built of handling SQL Injection capabilities which doubles the security of database and prevents from injection hacking codes into the database. Here, the project files and a database file will be stored into the Azure cloud which will form a connection between application and cloud server via internet. The project will be accessed in the web browser through Azure link.

  • Secured transaction while doing card payment.
  • Less risk of data getting hacked.
  • The system is very secure and robust in nature.
  • SQL Injection prevention mechanism is used.
  • Does not keep track of stock/order.
  • System may provide inaccurate results if data entered incorrectly.
  • Requires an active internet connection to connect with cloud server.

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