Business Promotion and Offer Trend Analysis

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The project is a web-based application that displays calendar for business persons to schedule, organize and post their activities on it. The calendar displays various upcoming offers, festival offers along with their description. This business promotion system is provided with three entity namely, Admin, Businessman, and User. Admin can accept or reject the offers to view on the website, can view all offers, can delete all the offers which are expired, can view all the Businessman and can view when client hits on offer. A businessman can register and log in using his/her credentials. They can also add offers, they can give feedback of the system, those feedback given by user regarding offers will be seen only by businessman. They can view client hit on offer. This sales promotion system analyzes the offers trend based on the hit count and the most clicked offer is rated as the top offer. Users can check the current dates and upcoming offers; they can also select the offer and get the details related to the respective offer. They can give the system and offers feedback.

  • The proposed system will save a significant amount of time and effort invested by businessman on promoting offers from door to door.
  • The system is online based.
  • This system maintains all information about offers.
  • Easy to search for information about offers.
  • This system is user friendly.
  • This application requires an active internet connection.
  • User needs to put correct data or else it behaves abnormally.

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