Bluetooth Messenger Project

In our project we are building software which will help transmitting the data with the help of devices Bluetooth. Using the Bluetooth device we are transmitting the data from one personal computer to another computer.
The main objective of the system is
Text file transfer via bluetooth
In this project we can transfer text files from one node to another. This text file is converted into bit stream and then converted to frames before being transferred
Blue tooth enabled electronics and devices are predicted to be widely used in future homes and offices for commercial as well as social communication. Future PC bus architectures will allow many connected devices to be accessed via a single Blue tooth access point. Widespread adoption of Blue tooth is driven by the low cost of implementing the cordless convenience feature in new products.

1. There is a login form for user & Admin.
2. Admin has the authority to register the user.
3. User can talk & chat via using Bluetooth.
4. There is a file send option through Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Messaging Project

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