Digital Watermarking Project

This software project is based on image processing using watermarks. Many software systems allow image creation and design using innovative design and graphic techniques. In order to prevent these images to be reused without proper copyright purchase, watermarking is used. Watermarks are waterstamps inflicted on images in order to display the entire image with all its graphic features on public internet networks yet prevent these images to be reused without proper copyrights. Today’s it’s quite common to use images on public networks for personal use without purchasing proper copyrights for the image. In order to prevent such cases and avoid the reuse and reconstruction of images without copyright purchase the digital watermarking techniques are used. A digital watermark or water stamp is inflicted on the desired image. This water mark cannot be removed from the image easily. If removed it also takes away a part of image graphics. This image water marking software system allows us to inflict watermarks on images in order to prevent them from being copied for unauthorized use, yet display the entire image on public networks.

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