Our project “Active Network Monitor/Net Tracer” is mainly concerned with monitoring the routers on the network monitoring tool is run. The aim of our project is to help the Network Administrator to find the bottlenecks in the existing networks. The monitoring of the network implies gathering basic features and characteristics of network such as number of interfaces which are connected to the network, incoming and outgoing bytes of data, bandwidth, CPU utilization, memory utilization, system uptime etc. It helps us to measure the error rate in the communication if present and inform the Administrator.


1. Application fetches details from attached terminals in network.
2. Easier way to collect processor, memory, hard drive details from client pc
3. Shows graphical view of resource uses.
4. Automatically collect information of listed pc in application.
5. Data gets stored into database simultaneously.
6. Useful in big network setup.

Hardware and Software Requirements

 Corporate Setup Requirements

Server Configuration

• Processor – P IV 2.4GHz
• Motherboard – D850 with inbuilt 64MB Video RAM
• Hard Disks – 2 SCSI 80GB each
• Memory – 256MB DDR RAM

Terminal Configuration
• Processor – P III 700 MHz
• Motherboard – 1810e with inbuilt 2MB video RAM
• Hard Disks – 40 GB
• Memory – 128MB DDR RAM

• Routers – 72xx OR 3600 series
• 100 Mbps port hub in each LAN
• RS 232 CAT – 5
• BNC connectors

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