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Nevon Bank Beacon Android App
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The developments involving net banking, digital wallets, and online payment systems over recent years have silently revolutionized the way we conduct financial transactions.
Standing in long queues to make deposits or withdrawals has become a thing of the past.

The Bank Beacon App attempts to take the digitization of the banking process a step further. Along with allowing you to make deposits and withdrawals, this application also gives you access to many more features such as scheduling an appointment with the manager, locating nearby branches, getting detailed information about various banking procedures, etc. The Bank can also use this application to inform their customers about their schemes and offers.

In this system, the User will be able to fill the form and get reply from the system about how to proceed to avoid standing in queue and wrong desks, user will be notified about upcoming offers and sales offered by the bank through the app or app notifications. Bank can send notifications related to notices or offers of the bank to the users. Google map is integrated into the project for getting directions for the user to visit the bank, Bank saves the location of its branches in-app which is visible to the user for the direction. Beacons are used to locate Users and notify them about bank & its services. It also checks if the user is inside the bank or in the surrounding neighborhood .


  • Banks are eager to collect data mainly to offer new kinds of loan and investment offers, by using beacon they can easily gather user’s behavior to send personalized advertisement based on their interest.
  • Deploying beacons at ATMs allows banks to broadcast their best financial offers and sign-up new customers.
  • Helps in reducing bank queues by allotting and notifying about the desk prior to customer’s visit based on the form filled by the customers.

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