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Nevon Android Heart Disease Prediction App
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As per the estimates of the World Health Organisation Heart Diseases claim nearly 17.9 million lives each year. Heart Diseases maybe of various types and typically tend to worsen as the age of an individual advances. Irrespective of the type of heart disease afflicting an individual, the benefit of early detection is undeniable. Like most diseases, detecting heart diseases at an earlier stage makes treatment easier and dramatically improves the chance of survival for an individual.

This Heart Disease Prediction Android App has been designed to help users with assessing their cardiovascular health. Based on a number of factors such as the user’s age, gender, blood sugar, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, etc. this system generates a prediction about the disease that the user might be suffering from. Moreover, apart from assessing their cardiovascular health, users can also find contact details of various doctors on this application. The user can search for doctors by filtering them based on their specialty.

Admin is the sole user who manages the training data and can actively change or update any values. Admin is also the person who will manage the doctor & their clinic details, view users & view their feedbacks. User on the other hand has to create an account to use the prediction services. User will have to enter 13 data to get a prediction which system uses Random Forest algorithm to predict. User can also update their profile and change the password. Random Forest Algorithm is written in with C# and hosted.


  • User can analyze their cardiovascular health.
  • Users can find details of various doctors and sort them by specialty.

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