Android Geofencing App for COVID Quarantine

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Nevon Android Geofencing App for COVID Quarantine
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To slow the spread of Covid 19 and curb the pandemic, it is absolutely necessary to isolate infected individuals. While the need for enforcing quarantine can’t be understated, this is easier said than done as we see and hear about a lot of people exhibit a cavalier attitude and casually violate protocol.

While it isn’t practically possible to monitor and supervise every single quarantined individual, this task becomes all the more difficult as the number of infected individuals rises. Developed to assist authorities with enforcing quarantine regulations, this Android based Covid geofencing app makes sure that an individual does not violate quarantine. Using Geofencing, this system alerts the authorities if any patient violates the quarantine regulations.

Covid Geofencing App is a revolutionary app in this pandemic, as there were a lot of news people running/hiding due to fear. This app will be able to track and control them from spreading COVID. There are 2 users Involved Admin & Patient. Admin will be the sole body who will manage and monitor Covid Centres.

Admin can Add and update centre’s data and boundary. Boundary or fence has to be added in meters, this boundary indicates the user cannot go out when his status is Positive and will be altered to Admin. Admin will be managing all the data of the User. He will be able to see the current location of the user or a list of movements depending on date. Admin can also check the fence logs i.e., how many times the patient has hopped in or out. User’s phone is just used for location updates. And the User can logout or close the updates only if he knows the password. So, the User’s Login & logout is also indirectly controlled by the Centre.


  • User can use Google Sign IN.
  • User can freeze his account any time.
  • All the events & membership programs are added by the Admin alone.

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