Android Smart City Traveler

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The purpose of developing this android application is to create a schedule for the traveler travelling to city and wanted to explore the city by specifying the time in hours. System then smartly analyzes the questionnaire and creates a schedule for traveler based on provided time. The development is done in two technical languages as Java for Android Application for User/Traveler and Asp .net for Web portal which is used by Admin. First of all, traveler need to register himself by filling up the details using android application. After successful registration, user can login now using login credentials which then proceeds with questionnaire where application ask user about their likings and habits. Based on questionnaire, application smartly analyzes for the place based on user specified time. The application is capable enough to search the place automatically based on FourSquare API. This application also helps you to find the places nearby you or around the world. After searching a place, the map will show the details such as name, area, location, phone no. & kilometers from the current location of the user.

  • This project has a login page which allows only the registered user to login and thereby preventing unauthorized access.
  • This system can be used to view the location view in map that the user wishes to reach.
  • The user can also find the paths to follow to reach the final destination in map which gives a better view to the users.
  • Since the location can be viewed in map, the user can even zoom in and zoom out to get a better view.
  • The usage of this application greatly reduces the time required to search for a place.
  • The application also leads to quicker decision making with respect to places to visit.
  • The android mobile user will not be able to insert or view details if the server goes down. Thus there is disadvantage of single point failure.
  • Requires an active internet connection.

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