Android Campus Portal With Graphical Reporting

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A student portal project that acts as an online portal between students and the admin. The system is designed using two languages which are Asp .Net with C# for web interface and Java for Android based application. The web interface is handled by admin for managing student related information and the android application is used by the students for login and accessing the uploaded information. It contains an admin who can enter details of students. Students can then login using provided user id and password to access all the related information instantly. Students also get a student helpdesk to assist them and also a download page where students may download pdf format of eBooks from the web.

  • Student does not have to go personally to college office for the enquiry.
  • All the information is displayed after student login.
  • Student can access all the data using an android application instantly.
  • This application enables the students to be updated with college cultural activities.
  • This application saves time for the student as well as teaching and non-teaching staffs.
  • It requires active internet connection else error may occur.
  • May provide inaccurate results if data entered incorrectly.

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