Android Food order and delivery app

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With the increasing popularity of food delivery in colleges and universities, the traditional telephone order food has become inconvenient to the customers and the food delivery store. The online food ordering system provides convenience for the customers. It overcomes the disadvantage of the traditional queuing system. This android application increases the takeaway of foods than visitors. Therefore, this system enhances the speed and standardization of taking the order from the customer. It provides a better communication platform. The user details are noted electronically. Using this application, the customers need not go to the restaurant by themselves, but they can order the meals through Android mobiles anywhere. In this system there are four namely, Admin, Delivery boy, Restaurant manager and User. Admin can login, manage restaurants by adding, updating and deleting, manage delivery person by adding, updating and deleting. Admin can also check registered users and the orders total count. Delivery boy can login and see the allotted orders, they can upload the status of the order whether it is picked, on the way or delivered. Restaurant manager can login and update their restaurants details, they can even check for reviews and ratings given by users. They can manage menu by adding new items and deleting unwanted. Manager can manage orders by allotting to the delivery boy, can update status of delivery. Manager can see the payment done by electronic mode. Users can register and login. Users have option to choose the cuisine, hotels nearby. User will get details of restaurants like name, location and reviews. Users can select the food from the menu list, can add to favourites and can get processed further. User can view the history of their orders and the current orders status. User have online payment options. User will get notification of the order status.

  • If planned properly, the health benefits are more in using the food ordering apps.
  • For those who are disabled and elderly, who cannot get out of the house, people who don’t have anybody to physically support them, the food ordering app is very useful.
  • No need to waste time standing in long queues.
  • When we order food more regularly and get familiar with all the deals and discounts, we can avail the benefits during special occasions.
  • This application requires active internet connection.
  • User needs to put correct data or else it will behave abnormally.

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