Currency Detector App for Visually Impaired

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Visually Impaired are those people who have vision impairment or vision loss. Problems faced by visually impaired in performing daily activities are in great number. They also face a lot of difficulties in monetary transactions. They are unable to recognize the paper currencies due to similarity of paper texture and size between different categories. This money detector app helps visually impaired patients to recognize and detect money. Using this application blind people can speak and give command to open camera of a smartphone and camera will click picture of the note and tell the user by speech how much the money note is. This Android project uses speech to text conversion to convert the command given by the blind patient. Speech Recognition is a technology that allows users to provide spoken input into the systems. This android application uses text to speech concept to read the value of note to the user and then it converts the text value into speech. For currency detection, this application uses Azure custom vision API using Machine learning classification technique to detect currency based on images or paper using mobile camera.

  • This android application will help visually impaired to know the value of money
  • Blind people can also call the person from contact by giving commands.
  • Application requires active internet connection
  • User needs to put correct data or else it will behave abnormally

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