Web Search Engine with SEO Optimizer & Web Annotations

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Web search engine which is also widely known as Internet search engine is mainly designed to function as web search, which means to search the World Wide Web in an organized way for particular information entered as web search query by the user. The search results for a user entered query are displayed in a line of results which is known as Search Engine Results Pages. This .net project aims at developing a search engine which provides users and admin with necessary information required to optimize search results. This SEO optimizer project consists of four modules namely Web search engine, View Links, Test Links and Profile. The Admin can get logged into the system using his/ her credentials and can search for a particular link in the search engine with a particular keyword. After entering a particular link, the search results related to a particular keyword are displayed on the screen. The Admin can edit the annotation of the particular link and can save the information on the database. The user can get logged into the system using his/ her credentials. User can enter the desired keyword using which the system will search that particular keyword in the database and displays all the related data. User can view the links as well as images of a particular keyword. Using the Link View module user can view all the link and related information of the link saved in the database. The test link module will help the user to optimize a particular link and will display SEO results such as Ranking, domain registration date, domain title, meta description, Page Load time, Page Size and suggestion.

  • The system displays accurate results and suggestions
  • Admin just has to feed the URL link and rest all is done by the system automatically
  • Users get multiple results of a particular link
  • saves time by providing information instantly
  • We can enter only one word as keyword.
  • Internet connection is required

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