Android Document Sharing System using Blockchain

Over a million documents are share over the internet every single hour. In this superfast world we need ways to share documents easily and securely over the web. Also at the same time there is always a risk of document tampering. To solve these issues we here propose a smart android based document sharing system over blockchain technology that ensures easy document sharing along with authenticity and reliability of a tamper proof system. Blockchain technology usually involves transactions as it is the core block of blockchain. But in this case we don’t have any transactions but we will be using smart contracts to verify if both parties are the intended parties and ensure that the authentic document is transferred to the intended party. Our system includes a smart contract based system with certain rules of document transfer. This includes the sender verification, receiver verification and document validation. The blockchain based system uses previous transfer hash to detect if the document is the intended document and ensures that the intended party can receive the document using its private key to get the document transferred. This allows for a distributed, secured and authentic system for document sharing.

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