State Government Fund Allocation & Tracking System over Blockchain

State Governments need to caters to a huge number of responsibilities of a state. The working of state governments involves huge number of transactions towards various operations that need to be carried out throughout the state. This includes new projects, repair and maintenance works, awarding contracts, paying of government employees, farmer schemes and so on. A major hurdle that the top government face is the low level corruption that is sometimes impossible to track which deprives the state progress. Tracking it is a very difficult task due to the current system. Here we propose a smart system to track funds allocated to the state government as they travel through the government process at each stage. We here make use of blockchain technology to secure the transactions at every stage while maintaining transparency in every transaction sealing every transaction with proofs as the funds move ahead. This allows to maintain crystal clear record with on demand right to transactional data on a need to know basis. The system makes use of encryption to secure transactional data using hashes to maintain a block of transactions in a chain manner which is maintained and verified by every node involved to verify the transaction and save the data in a transparent form within the government. The system allows for a full proof, secure and authentic fund allocation and fund tracking system to help form an incorruptible government process.

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