Medical Report Management & Distribution System on Blockchain

Hospital operations usually involve a lot of medical reports which are an integral part of operations. Hospitals these days have increased their business by integrating pathology and other test labs within the hospital for efficient and fast reports along with increased business. Hospital operations include a variety of processes from patient admission, management, to hospital expense management. This coupled with added services like pathology and pharmacy management increases operational complexity and also makes it difficult to track. Thus we use blockchain technology to keep track of every single transaction with a 100% authenticity through the Hyperledger concept. We use blockchain tech to management the medical reports of all patients along with transaction details to demonstrate how this leads to safe, efficient and secure management of the entire system. All transactions are secured by an encryption and stored as blocks to authenticate within a network of computers rather than a centralized server. Moreover we use hyperledger concept to associate and store all the associated medical documents associated with each transaction with datestamp. This allows to verify the authenticity of each report which will be detected if modified by any individual. Thus we bring forward a secure, safe, efficient and authentic medical report management system using blockchain technology.

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