Android Book Store Project

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Book shopping App allows users to check for various Books Instruments and can purchase them. The project consists of list of Books displayed in various models and designs. The user may browse through these products as per categories. If the user likes a product he may add it to his shopping cart. The User can view the items based on their names & Price in increasing or decreasing order.
This App has an Innovative Floating Cart that is available on each page, which pops up showing the Items that are currently in the cart with minimum details. The User must first register into the system and then is eligible to check out the products. The User has 3 kinds of payment method namely; Debit, Credit card or Cash on Delivery. The Front End of the App is done using Android Studio and SQL serves as a backend to store books lists and inventory data. The products are added by the Admin, The Admin Part uses Asp.Net with C#. Thus the online books shopping project brings an entire Books Store online and makes it easy for both buyer and seller to make deals on Books. The User can check his order history or the status of the current order in my orders column. Admin is responsible for changing the status of the orders.

  • Helps Books Store to automate furniture selling online.
  • Helps Books Store to take cc payments.
  • User can check items in the cart on any page.
  • Filters help the user to look for items according to his convenience.
  • Does not keep track of stock.
  • No email or Message Confirmation of the order.

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