Android Based Vehicle Tracking Project

A vehicle servicing repairing and maintenance data on an android app. The system allows the app user to track and check vehicle fuel entry , servicing data and even repair/ maintenance status on his android phone.
The individual features of this application have been listed below

  • It provides a fuel entry form for each vehicle in that keeps track of its fuel entries for every month.
  • A servicing Entry form is used to maintain the servicing data for each vehicle in per month.
  • Repair & maintenance Entry form for each Vehicle in allows us to track its monthly repair/maintenance status.
  • The vehicle tracking system Uses GPS Enabled Mobile to track the vehicle on a google map.

The report consists of following data to check vehicle performance on a bar graph:

  • Fuel report data.
  • Servicing report data.
  • Repair & maintenance report.

  • This system helps admin to keep track of the driver so that driver cannot do any type of cheating.
  • This system helps admin to keep record of attendance of the driver which helps in calculating salary of the driver.
  • If there is network failure due to environment hazardous, system will fail to track location of the vehicle.

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