Android Based PC Controller Using Wifi

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An Android based PC Controller using Wi-Fi is an android application that works like PC mouse. This application smartly controls pc keyboard functions and mouse operations through an android mobile phone. This android application is based on the concept of using an android phone as a mouse. The software application once installed on an android phone can allows users to play games or control other pc functionality through their android phone. The application is made using Eclipse and creates a QWERTY keypad buttons similar to the one used in PC. With the keypad, user can even use it for typing it on any word processor and can operate any application. The application when installed and run on an android based phone shows a mouse settings screen to control mouse sensitivity. The application requires a Wi-Fi connection between the computer and the android device. Thus, a user can remotely access the computer instead of sitting beside it. This application overcomes the limitations of a mouse and keyboard.

  • The application can be used from anywhere within the range of Wi-Fi by the users.
  • Excludes the use of mouse.
  • The system is flexible and secured to be used.
  • Accurate typing using android keyboard.
  • The system requires an android device and Wi-Fi connection.

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